About Us

If you are looking for commercial pop-up tents, promotional tents, pop-up gazebos for parties, mobile tents for sports events, pop-up hangars for fairs and exhibitions or promotional pop-up tents for your business - "Protentus" can offer all of this for you! "Protentus" is continuously expanding its range of products and responds to the needs of its customers, therefore our customers have the opportunity to choose a pop-up tent from our offered different aluminium and steel constructions, based on their needs and financial possibilities.


Pop-up tents – gazebos are widely used in various areas, including:

·         Fairs and exhibitions,

·         Political events and speeches of the representatives of the government,

·         Sports: marathons, rally driving, kart racing, football, fishing, horse riding,

·         Festivals, concerts and private events,

·         Cafes and catering companies,

·         For personal recreation and leisure.


"Protentus" online store offers not only high-quality pop-up tents in various sizes and colours, which are consistent with the market prices, but also sells promotional inflatable tents, pavilions, carports, folding furniture, promotional flags, promotional stands and other equipment designed for events.


If you are not able to find a product that interests you in our online store, feel free to contact us via the indicated contact details and we will try to satisfy your individual needs!